Photo Guidelines

Avoid blurry photos with unclear outlines

The quality of the photo is crucial. Nowadays, any smartphone is capable of taking good photos, just make sure the subject is in focus and the outlines are defined.

Good lighting

Make sure the subject is clear. If the subject is very dark and the lighting is low, the final product will be poorly defined. GOOD ILLUMINATION IS KEY!

More animals

For best results, we recommend creating 1 piece of jewellery for each subject. If you really want to have 2 subjects in one piece, make sure that the two subjects are placed next to each other and that there is no space between them. Also, keep in mind that 2 subjects in one piece will not increase the size of the pendant.


Make sure your animal is clearly visible (no hidden or leaning body parts).


Avoid blurry and unclear photos. Make sure there is good lighting and, ideally, 1 animal per piece of jewellery.

Other Tips

If your pet has dark fur, we highly recommend using Sterling Silver to make sure your pendant looks clear and well defined. We use the exact same photo that you upload when you place your order and produce your Feyral with it. Make sure the angle is optimal and that overall, you are happy with the photo. If we receive a photo that does not meet our guidelines, we cannot guarantee that the final piece will come out as you wish. We cannot offer replacements in these cases, so take your time to take a good photo. Note that all of the examples on the site were made from high-quality photos. It is your responsibility to make sure that the photo you provide meets our guidelines. If it does not, we will do our best to produce a high-level finish, but generally, your result will not match what is shown on our website. Although we try to review all the photos we receive, sometimes the volume of our orders requires us to skip this step. This is why it is so important to provide a high-quality photo.