Who is behind Feyral?


At Feyral, we go the extra mile and put our whole heart into creating exquisite custom jewellery with unprecedented attention to detail.
We are located in Italy and are always open to the public.
We are proud to work alongside extremely talented artisans, each of whom has an unmatched passion for their craft and devotes their life to creating your Feyral.
We use a mix of traditional and modern techniques to ensure you can wear your Feyral every day for an entire lifetime.
We pay extreme care and attention to detail to make sure your Feyral perfectly resembles your loved one, allowing you to keep them with you wherever you go.

Our goal has always been to create a business that puts QUALITY and CUSTOMER SATISFACTION first.
Since 2020, we have been providing happiness and excitement, along with a personal gift to cherish for a lifetime, to over 30,000 people around the world.


My name is Matteo, I was born in Italy, and I am the founder of Feyral. I started this business with the intention of creating truly unique, never-before-seen jewellery that encapsulates true love, with an eye toward pet owners.

To be honest, setting up Feyral was not easy, but as a dog and cat owner (we have 5 at home), and knowing the joy we bring to our customers and their loved ones with our jewellery, I would not trade this job for ANYTHING in the world!


Feyral is proud to be an official member of EDU (European Dog Union), one of the most important international organisations for the protection and support of kennels around the world.
Since our inception in 2020, we have donated €5,000 of our proceeds to support the charity in their efforts to protect the many dogs that are abandoned by their owners every year.