Shipping Delay

We are sorry to report that some orders placed between 01/12/23 and 10/12/23 have been delayed.
This communication is for those who placed an order between the 1st and the 10th of December and have not received the tracking code yet.
We are a small family run business and did not expect so many orders in such a short time.
We ended up having to deal with so many orders and were unable to ship them within the specified time frame.
The result of that is that some orders have been delayed and will probably not arrive in time for Christmas.
If your order is delayed, we really apologize, and this is the reason why.
We are giving everything to finish the creation and ship the products as soon as possible; you will receive a shipping confirmation email as soon as we process your order.
If you would like clarification, you can contact us at specifying your order number in the request.
Keep in mind that our current reply time is 48/72 hours: do not  send us more than one email, or your request will lose its priority.